Tribal tattoo mask design polynesian style


A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from the company "Paddle Republic", a surf/fitness school in the Key West, Florida.

Their design studio had come up with a polynesian mask logo, but it needed some adjustment, especially on the mask, because it was a design from a stock library. I was asked to redraw the (tattoo)mask with an original Maori inspired touch to it.

This is the logo from their design studio:

surf logo mask tiki maori tribal tattoo design

I made two pencil sketches with a different look:

maori mask logo tattoo design tiki ta mokopolynesian mask sketch maori style tiki

It was in the right style but they asked me to do another sketch, a bit more round and with more koru/maori curves:

moko face mask logo tribal design sketches

This was exactly what they were looking for, so I could trace the design in Adobe Illustrator, to make it a high quality vector logo:

vector file mask maori tattoo logo tracing Illustrator design

Once that was completed, I added the words "Paddle Republic" and replaced the red color:

logo tiki maori mask surfing paddle republic high resolution

Kind regards, Mark Storm