Printable shoulder tattoo designs in Maori Kiri tuhi style


In my webshop I sell high resolution printable tattoo designs.
Once a tattoo image is ordered, I send a high res image to the customer and he/she can print it or send it to his/her tattoo artist. All designs are scanned at 300 dpi resolution and can be scaled to any size you wish.

The tatoos I make are all handdrawn on A3 size printing paper. I start with a rough outline of the design with a pencil and add some Kirituhi ferns and shapes. Along the process the patterns are added, lines, triangles, dots, and so on.

When the pencil design is completed, I trace the tatoo with a black fibre tip marker and erase all pencil lines. The drawing is scanned in high resolution and optimized, erasing dust, little smudges etc.

I wanted to highlight one of the tatoos from my portfolio, so you can see how a full size design looks. The design is nr 140 in my shoulder gallery. The highlighted area is also shown at 100% (click the image for real-size) and you see the linedrawing.

high resolution tribal tattoo designs to print

printable high res maori tatoo imagesmaori tattoo linedrawing high resolution image

(If you wish to get this particular design, you can order here and pay with your Paypal account or your creditcard.)

I will be working on an extension for shoulder tattoo 143 and maybe a nice forearm tattoo design, so just get back soon.

Regards, Mark Storm

Large shoulder and chest tatoo design finished

Hi there,

I finished this drawing a few days ago, before I started on my Fabregas elbow tatoo.
It was my first tattoo sketch this large, including a shoulder AND chest piece in one.

Here's a picture of the high resolution custom tatou design:

chest tattoo shoulder piece in maori style

Comments, questions or other stuff? let me know!

Regards, Mark

Sketch update shoulder/chest tattoo design


A small update on the shoulder and chest tattoo design I'm working on right now. I changed the fill of some shapes to make it look a little less traditional maori style.

free tattoo designs chest and shoulder

Get back to you when I receive a message from my client.

Regards, Mark

Kirituhi shoulder and chest tattoo drawing


I promised to tell you something about one of my latest tattoo projects, so here it is.

Normally my main part of designs consists of shoulder pieces, but for this design a customer
asked me to do a shoulder AND chest piece in one.

It's really tricky to get it all on a flat sheet of paper, so I needed some sort of body template.
The tattoo only covered the outer side of the left arm (from shoulder to elbow) and the left pectoral muscle.
My customer used a sheet of tracing paper and simple traced the shape of his body. The total template looked like this:

shoulder chest tattoo template design

The design had to be maori style and have some nice flowing curles/koru. First I drew the outlines of the maori shapes:

maori style tattoo drawings

Then I filled the shapes with some traditional lines, triangles and other tribal design stuff.

sketch maori tatoo designs

I take pictures of the design with my Canon EOS 400D and send these photos to the customer. It's a lot quicker than scanning it, because it is on A3 size paper.
The final design is ofcourse scanned in high resolution.

Here are a few shots of the tattoo sketch in progress.

photos maori designs and sketchespictures maori kirituhi tattoos

I just received a comment from the customer, that he wants the fills a bit more intricate, instead of the traditional tattoo lines.

So I'll get back to you soon with an adjusted tattoo design.

Kind regards, Mark

quick update tattoo designs in progress


I haven't posted any new sketches and tattoo designs for a few days. Really busy with all kinds of stuff, but I'm working on a new shoulder/chest piece this week.

Hopefully I can show you the first sketch in a few days.

Till then!

Kind regards, Mark

Maori-inspired and flowers shoulder tattoo designs


The first few months of my blog, it had around 100 to 200 unique visitors a day.
But in the last few weeks it's slowly raised to 450 people each day, so I will keep on posting and show you the tattoo projects I'm working on.

For a new customer I designed a Maori shoulder piece with some flowers scattered on the design.
The design is based on a custom tattoo I did earlier.

It's symmetrical in the lower part of the tatoo and the shoulder part is roundish with a nice curl or koru.

maori shoulder tattoo with cherry blossom flowersMaori tatou sketch with blossom flowers

Once the design is traced and uptimized I export it in high resolution and make a linedrawing, so the customer can take this to his tattoo artist and apply it on his skin.

Comments please! :)

Regards, Mark