Signs of Tattoo Scarring

What many people do not realize before getting tattooed is that all tattoos are scarred. It is not possible for the ink to rest between the skin layers and heal properly without scarring. So the tattoo artist job is to actually minimize the necessary scarring while doing the design. If your are wondering if your tattoo is in fact overly scarred there are several symptoms.

The easiest sign of a scarred tattoo to identify is a raised puffy outline.The shading or color may also be raised but the most common area to be puffy or raised will be the outline. If the outline of your completely healed tattoo is puffy and red it is probably scar tissue. The scarring is caused either by the tattooist going to deep or staying in the area to long and not keeping the tattoo machine moving.

Another sign of tattoo scarring is the itching that will follow the puffiness. The scar tissue itches badly and scratching it will make it raise more.Often finding a soothing hand lotion is a better option than scratching. Different conditions will trigger the scarring to raise up.For instance working outside getting sweaty will often inflame tattoo scar tissue

A less noticeable sign of a scarred tattoo is the area of the tattoo being exceptionally dry after the tattoo is completely healed. A normal healed tattoo will not be any dryer than the rest of the skin, if the tattoo you have is healed but the area is very dry use a vitamin e to try and prevent further degradation of the design.

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