5 Sexiest Places Females Get Tattooed

Behind The Ear - Size is very important when placing a tattoo behind the ear. A small tattoo, generally smaller than the size of a quarter or smaller, will look best behind the ear. Tattooing behind the ear is one of the trickier area so a good artist will have to be sought out. When a tattoo behind the ear is sized right and tattooed well it is one of the sexiest place a female can get tattooed

Under The Bra Strap On The Rib Cage - This is a very sexy for a woman to get tattooed. Basically the placement is under the armpit at the top of the rib cage. It is a large area so a tattoo as small as two inches or as large as ten inches would look quit natural there. This area takes tattooing well and a competent artist should have no trouble applying a quality tattoo there.

Hip - The hip is a classic sexy area for female tattoo placement. On most woman this is a large enough are to do substantial tattooing but even smaller work will look nice. The hip takes tattooing very well and even intricate tattoos should have no problems healing nicely when placed on the hip.

Back Of The Knee - A well sized tattoo placed on the back of knee can be sexy. This is hard skin to tattoo so a skilled tattoo artist must be used. The area itself is fairly limited in size so smaller pieces will look the best behind the knee.

Top Of The Foot - The top of the foot is a great place for a woman to get tattooed. Not to be confused with getting a toe tattoo which never quite works out. A smaller tattoo under four or five inches looks best on the foot. It is a fairly hard area to tattoo and will require a good tattoo artist to insure a proper healing tattoo.

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