Finished shoulder piece


Here's the finished design of the shoulder tattoo I was working on last week.

shoulder sketch mauri tats

Between all the large custom sketches, I worked on a small and simple tat2 design. It's a symmetrical design with a tribal sun and maori ferns in it.

At the moment I have two more projects running. One is a half sleeve tattoo in the style of Sonny Bill Williams as I mentioned a few days ago. This one is in progress and some pictures will be posted soon.
The second is a sketch based on multiple of my designs and the fills are a bit like Robbie Williams maori tattoo design. It's a large design and here's a first impression.

I will get back in a few days, hopefully with some finished tattoos or with adjusted sketches and photos.

In the future I will try to post a small video on my blog where you can see me drawing and designing a maori tattoo.
For some suggestions or things you wish to see or learn in this video, please contact me.

Just let me know!

I recently discovered another blog of a great tattoo designer, Jun-San from Brazil. His website/blog is
Really simple, but great and creative designs, drawn on the skin and the sharpest lines I have ever seen.
Check his blog and be amazed!

Kind regards, Mark Storm