Koi Sleeve Tattoo Designs - History

Koi Fish Tattoo - These kind of fish are a big surprise to the West part of the globe. The word "Koi", is Japanese for carp. Many ancient myths surround these awesome fish from the Asian hemisphere. Usually known as brightly colored fish that are often found in public ponds, the colors included here are: white, yellow, gold, and orange. There have been known beautiful specimens that have fetched prices in the half-million dollar range from private collectors around the world. However, the Koi is more than just a fish with beautiful colors, it is also one of the most popular and eye-catching Japanese tattoo symbols around. Even though Koi is Chinese in origin, the Koi is celebrated in Japan more than ever to this day.

It is said to climb waterfalls in a brave and honorable manner. Now, if it happens to get caught, it is said that it stays idle on the cutting board awaiting the slice of the knife without a shake, similar to a samurai (warrior) facing his doom from a sword.

This idea dates back to ancient times in China, where a certain legend explains how any Koi that won the battle in climbing to the top of the falls (called Dragon Gate) would turn into a dragon. Supporting this legend, it then became a symbol of aspiration and advancement world-wide. Eventually, the Koi came to be associated with so many masculine and positive qualities that it was designated for the annual Boys' Day Festival in Japan where to this day, colorful Koi flags are displayed for each son in the family.

In tattoo designs, especially in combination with moving water, a Koi Sleeve Tattoo symbolizes similar: courage, the ability to reach high goals, and overcome the difficult tasks of life. Come visit us at Tattoo Galore for some of the newest topics on body art.

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