Maori sleeve design


After a short break this weekend, I had multiple requests for custom tatoos. Some of it being very interesting and some less.
I picked the 3 best tattoo requests and started early this morning on one design.

It is a half/quarter sleeve in maori style, based on a custom design I have done earlier. You can find it on my custom page and look for "full sleeve maori tattooed".

The design was a bit smaller then the one on my gallery, around 20 cm wide and 23 cm high.

Here's the first basic outline of the tattoo and one with a little fill in it.

tattoo outline maori templatesmaori quarter sleeve design

The first design is a bit too straight on the borders, so I adjusted it to make it more playfull. My customer really loved the design and fill, so now I will finish the fill and finalize the maori design.
Will get back to you soon with an update on this design.

Regards, Mark